Dog training on Lanzarote

Happy dogs and people – quality of life for humans and dogs:

As a professional dog trainer, I can help and advise you on all aspects of dog care and dog training. Learn to have a sociable and socially responsible dog at your side and to be a reliable and trustworthy dog owner, in order to ensure a peaceful coexistence between humans and dogs.

Advice before you bring home a dog:

If you are planning to buy or to adopt a dog, I offer you comprehensive, individual consultation, and help you to find and to choose a suitable dog or dog breed for your lifestyle and home.

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Elementary course for dog owners:

If you are new to dog ownership, I offer you this elementary course with theoretical and practical training sessions. You will get information about canine communication and behaviour, and you and your dog will learn the basic dog commands and loose leash walking.

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Coaching & behavioral training:

If you wish to better manage your dog’s behavior problems, I offer taylor made behavior conditioning with respect and trust. You’ll also learn to set clear boundaries and rules and to be consistent in enforcing them.

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Nose work:

I’m specialized in the activity of nose work. Dogs rely on their extraordinary sense of smell to perceive the world around them. Nose work trains the sense of smell and the concentration ability of dogs and is a fun activity and sport that builds upon your dog’s instinctual desire to use his nose. Dogs love having a job to do, something to keep their minds busy, and nose work is an easy and efficient way to keep your dog entertained.

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