Coaching & behavioral training

Course objectives:

Your dog understands what you expect from him.

Character test:

In order to train desired behaviour or to correct misbehaviour, I start with a character test of your dog. Preferably at your home to get to know the dog’s environment.

Correction of misconduct:

Behavioural problems such as disobedience, hunting instinct, fear, aggression towards other dogs or in extreme cases also towards humans, tendency to stray – among others – will be corrected.

You will learn techniques to make the dog feel better and to correct the misconduct by positive reinforcement.

I offer you to create an individual training plan for you and your dog and to conduct the particular training.

Practice makes the master:

During and after the training sessions, I draw up exercise plans to ensure that the newly practiced skills are consistantly applied and consequently put into practice.

Specific tests will allow you to regularly check the success of your training.

Training in a group:

Depending on the behavioural problem – and also on your budget – group training could be the most effective option. Such groups are regularly put together.