Nose work

Course objectives:

The extraordinary sense of smell of your dog will be effectively trained to target odors.

The power behind dog’s nose:

Thanks to a superior nasal physiology, the dog’s sense of smell is much more acute than that of a human being. In addition, dogs can also perceive an enormously large number of fragrances in a potpourri of odors.

Dogs have – depending on breed-type – more or less than 220 million scent receptors, compared to a palty 10 to 30 million in humans. Furthermore, the olfactory performance of dogs is amplified, because each nostril smells independently, i. e. dogs have „stereo smelling“, and the breathing frequency increases up to 300 times per minute during intensive sniffing, so that all information are updated in fractions of a second, and even volatile fragrances and minor odor changes are perceived.

Nose work increases the dog’s sense of smell and gets the dog to use the ability effectively when needed.

Dog’s noses trained to serve people:

Intensive training increases the exceptional olfactory performance of dogs and their ability to remember fragrances. Trained dogs detect f.e. drugs, explosives, ivory, corpses, missing or buried persons and animals. In medicine, the power of dog’s nose is used to indicate diabetes, tumors, epilepsy and the hormonal change of pregnancy. And in the truffle season, truffle dogs are used in many places to detect the precious delicacies.


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